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You've got stores, a website, maybe even a catalog. Sometimes it feels like you're all over the place. We can customize solutions just for you.

Location, Location, Location
It matters where you are--and it matters where you're going. The greater the distance your shipments travel, the more expensive delivery can be. We have ways to help you reduce those costs.

If you house e-commerce inventory separate from your store inventory, you may be driving up your carrying costs. UPS CampusShip® lets you ship products directly from a retail location or a fulfillment center, allowing you to choose which location is closest to your customer.

Bypass Obstacles

Perhaps the best solution for your supply chain is to bypass your distribution center altogether. Move your product from overseas suppliers directly to your stores or to your customers' doors with UPS Trade Direct®. Tap into the breadth and reliability of our global network: we consolidate your international freight, provide customs clearance, and deliver to multiple addresses within a destination country.

Deliver faster and at the lowest possible cost with UPS.

Consistently Deliver Excellence

Yes, you want to make the sale, but you also want to create an experience that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Make a smooth, seamless transition between your store and your website. Provide flexibility with shipping options, delivery locations, and returns processing, and give your customers the convenience to track their own packages. If you do that--and do it well--your customers will give you loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. 

And because the unexpected sometimes happens, we offer you UPS Delivery Intercept® and your customers UPS My Choice®--products that give more control over package delivery.

Service doesn't end with the initial sale. Extend convenience, accuracy, and reliability--and get customer satisfaction and loyalty in return.

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