Increasing Sales

The Rewards of High Performance

Chargebacks are costly, and they hit your bottom line in a few different ways. You can either upgrade your processes and avoid penalties, or you can keep taking the hits as they roll in.

And then, of course, there's loss of future sales.

Score Higher, Build Loyalty

Retailers score your compliance with the rules and metrics of the routing guide. Higher scores help a supplier retain and grow business. Lower scores can lead to replacement--a retailer dropping you and moving forward with another company. 

Invest in your business and achieve better supplier scorecards. Our reliable delivery network can help drive scorecard performance higher which, in turn, revs additional sales and prevents losses.

Differentiate Yourself and Win a Competitive Advantage

It's not enough to hold on to the business you already have--you must continue to build relationships with retailers and grow your company.

Pursue Direct to Consumer Channels

More consumers are turning straight to manufacturers for product information and, increasingly, product sales. Perhaps it started as a way to research potential purchases, but it's created a new revenue stream for companies prepared to accept the challenge.

Additional opportunities are coming from those retailers selling in the e-marketplace. Some are asking suppliers to ship directly to customers, bypassing brick-and-mortar stores. If you want to grab the chance to outpace your competition, it's imperative that you have well-integrated direct to consumer solutions.

Customize Service--and Labels

Take advantage of our branded labels, and offer your retailers a customized image for shipping. Use WorldShip® and a thermal printer to put a retailer's logo or a Quick Response (QR) code on the label to encourage M-commerce. This gives your customers a way to reduce their marketing spending and gives you another way to stand apart from the crowd.

Green Your Operation

Meet sustainability goals for you and your customers with UPS carbon neutral, a convenient way to offset CO2 emissions created while shipping.

If your customers have Scope 3 targets, UPS carbon neutral lets you provide enhanced service and a more powerful brand reputation. Offer to pay for the carbon offsets when shipping to retailers' distribution centers, stores, and directly to their customers, and show retailers that their business--and their values--matter to you.

Other ways to conserve:

  • UPS Smart Pickup® lets you schedule a pickup only when you need one, saving fuel and reducing emissions
  • Help eliminate wasted paper and natural resources with the electronic options in UPS Billing Center
  • Cut paper use and simplify international customs clearance with UPS PaperlessInvoice

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