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Whether you're a manufacturer or a retailer, you face the challenges of a volatile market. Make sure your products don't just hang on the rack--get them to market faster so you can take advantage of trends when they're hot.

Streamline Logistics with a Single, Proven Provider
Increased speed can mean increased cost, but we can help you create efficiencies to cut expenses and refine your distribution network.

Our supply chain optimization experts evaluate your shipping model and identify opportunities for savings. We take an in-depth look at your company, analyze your transportation spending, and show you how to reduce inventory and get the most out of your operations. For instance, it may be smarter for your business to use some of our warehouse space--or even skip the distribution center altogether with UPS Trade Direct® or UPS World Ease®. UPS World Ease groups several shipments destined for one country--or for the entire European Union--into a single shipment.

We simplify customs clearance, ensuring a smooth shipment delivery. And since we're a single-source provider, you'll have maximum visibility throughout your supply chain with Quantum View®.

Partner with us and tap into our extensive global network. Optimize your supply chain with package delivery as well as air, ocean, and ground freight options. We ship quickly and cost-effectively wherever you need: distribution centers, retail stores, or directly to customers.

Make International Trade Easier

You source materials and manufacturing across the globe. Now you can speed those overseas shipments with greater accuracy and less hassle with UPS Import ControlSM.  Our tool helps you better manage your inbound shipments, minimize delays, and reduce costs.

And because constantly-changing customs regulations can be intimidating, we help you stay ahead of the curve. Our expertise helps you anticipate and manage customs compliance, giving you access to up-to-date regulations, licensing information, watch lists, and shipping forms.

We Deliver Adaptability Essential for Future Growth

Get working capital earlier in your supply chain and get the flexibility needed to remain competitive. UPS Capital® can provide financing to help you conserve cash, meet run-of-business obligations, expand to new markets, and grow your business--positioning you for a greater return on investment.

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