Beyond Shipping

The Oversight You Want, the Insight Customers Demand

Your customer service department is busy. People want to know where shipments are, and your team is fielding calls.

Give your customers the ability to track the status of their packages with just a few clicks--and let your employees focus their efforts on things like product support or order completion.

Get the help you need with Quantum View® or with one of our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the UPS Developer Kit. Quantum View gives you complete shipment visibility--all from your desktop. Watch shipping activity, pinpoint and resolve potential issues, and create automatic delivery notifications for your customers.

If you have a team of developers--or a UPS Ready® provider--who can customize, install, and maintain the APIs, you can integrate world-class technology and functionality directly into your business systems.

And because delivery needs change, we offer UPS Delivery Intercept® and UPS My Choice®--products that give you and your customers greater control over package delivery.

Keep Costs in Check

Flexible shipping options can help you keep expenses down, but you can trim costs and inefficiencies further. Get options for viewing, paying, and managing your UPS bill electronically and eliminate wasted paper and time spent auditing bills and paying invoices.

Answering Customer Demand

With increasing concern over environmental impact, you and your customers are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. We are responding.

UPS carbon neutral offers you an opportunity to join us in offsetting the CO2 emissions that result from your shipment transport.

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