Avoiding Chargebacks

The Devil's in the Details

You may look at chargebacks as isolated incidents, but these penalities are usually indicative of a larger compliance issue. And while they roll in individually, when you add them up, they can erase as much as 3 percent of your gross sales. 

Understanding Chargebacks

Increased reporting and alerts can help you track chargebacks, allowing you to better target areas for improvement, fix recurring issues, and get back to business. Don't get penalized for non-compliance with routing guides or a wrong item quantity. Keep that capital free and your staff unburdened by preventable issues.

Increasing Your Accuracy

Each retailer's routing guide contains specific requirements for how, when, and in which way orders must be shipped--meaning there are multiple chances for keystroke error every time you create a shipment.  But when you enter those details into the WorldShip® Profile Editor, you verify them once and then access those confirmed defaults each time you ship to that retailer--cutting time and avoiding costly mistakes. 

Eliminate further errors with our batch-upload capabilities. Use WorldShip to link your order entry system with your retailers' and automate the exchange of valuable information. Then let our Address Validation technology authenticate delivery addresses and ensure your packages arrive at the right place, every time.

Third-party Account Validation

Routing guides tell you where to bill shipments, but if retailers change their shipping accounts and your records aren't updated, you're going to get hit with the bill. Use WorldShip to automatically validate third-party accounts, and save yourself time and money.

Advanced Shipment Notifications and Delivery Confirmations

Many retailers require an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) for all incoming deliveries. Stay compliant without creating additional work for yourself. Both WorldShip and Quantum View Notify® automatically transmit an ASN with an additional memo field for custom information like shipment content and package count.

Our tools also help you fulfill retailers' proof of delivery requirements quickly and conveniently. We'll send immediate delivery confirmations to your customers--and one to you, too. The increased visibility and fast, accurate confirmations help reduce stress and speed along your order-to-cash process. WorldShip helps here as well, as it captures billing information and helps you eliminate costly errors.

Labeling Compliance

Easily stay within labeling guidelines with WorldShip's five reference fields. Quickly create labels with customized field names representing all your routing guide-required details such as store, supplier, or PO numbers.

Take Action

Be proactive. Build a stronger reputation and a more satisfied customer base when you avoid problems rather than just deal with them after they've eaten into precious capital and manpower.

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