Form and Function

Fashion is more than just garment design: materials, construction, and salability are important, too. And those last three things rely on shipping between showrooms, manufacturers, buyers--and back again--all on a tight production schedule.

Quality Assurance
You send your designs to a manufacturer. They send it back. If, upon return, that garment doesn't meet your specifications--say, the material isn't what you expected or the construction needs work--it's imperative that you have the flexibility to send it back for changes. You must have fast, reliable shipping.

And since it's simply not cost-effective to mass-produce a work in progress, your samples are few and all the more precious. You need assurance that your designs arrive in a timely fashion: it's critical that you're able to get those finished samples to the right buyers and quickly back in your hands for the next buyer.

Rely on Our Logistics Expertise
Apparel can be a high-stress, quick-turnaround business. Get peace of mind knowing that your shipments are exactly where you need them to be.

Tap into our reverse logistics know-how and see improvements in convenience and visibility with all of your inbound and outbound items shipping through one carrier. Our strong global network lets you ship overseas with confidence, and the increased clarity allows you to better prepare and take advantage of opportunities.

And because one-size-fits-all doesn't always fit, we have multiple UPS Returns® solutions to meet your needs. Ship your products with pre-printed returns labels, integrate returns processing on your website, or expand drop-off and pickup options.

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