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Repair Services

Improve Efficiencies for Centralized and Field Service Repairs

When your customers need service, they don't want to wait. Help your repair teams address customer needs quickly, without delay--give them the power of UPS services and technologies.

Centralized Repair Services

With more customers searching online for repair services, your business opportunities are greater than ever. Our global transportation network can help you expand your reach--and your customer base--crosstown, across the country, or around the world. And our solutions increase efficiencies in the flow of packages and information--from the point of shipment to the final destination.

UPS label technology delivers specific information about repair shipments and allows dynamic routing to multiple facilities. That improved view helps you:

  • Create operational efficiencies since you'll know the status of all inbound shipments
  • Reduce call center cost by giving customers visibility into the repair order status
  • Manage costs by matching the speed of the shipment to the urgency of the repair

Field Service Repairs

We also help with multiple options for the distribution, exchange, and return of service parts and devices, with greater capabilities for larger needs.

For high-value replacements, rely on UPS Returns Exchange; we'll deliver the needed part and pick up the return shipment at the same time. Or you can tap our service parts logistics expertise to screen, test, and diagnose critical parts to determine their viability. Benefits include:

  • Cut technician on-road time and costs related to unnecessary vehicle dispatch
  • Reduce inventory by limiting expensive parts and devices carried by technicians
  • Increase asset recovery rates of parts from both field support and customers
  • Trim call center costs by giving customers visibility into the order status

Streamline Your Shipment Preparation Process

Integrate WorldShip® with your company's existing customer data and help reduce shipment processing time. WorldShip provides access to all our shipping services and lets you generate shipping labels and other forms, while keeping track of your shipping history and reducing the need for repetitive key entry. It even captures billing information, making accounting more efficient.

Plus, WorldShip lets you easily set up Quantum View® e-mail notifications, so you and your customers know where shipments are and when they'll arrive. That means fewer calls at your call center and more time for your Customer Service staff to focus on high-priority issues.

Advanced Tracking Gives Broader Perspective

Get a more complete view of your shipping activity with Quantum View® Manage. This customizable Web-based application gives you up-to-date information about inbound and outbound shipments, allowing you to pinpoint and resolve potential issues.

Ready When You Are, Where You Are

We've got more than 53,000 drop-off locations nationwide--93% of the U.S. population is within 5 miles of one. No matter where you are, we're close by.

The convenience of using UPS extends to our wide range of domestic and international services--including superior next day delivery. Our portfolio lets you optimize transportation mode and speed based on the repair type and urgency. 

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