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Winning and keeping customers doesn't end after the close of the initial sale. Your company's success largely depends on the quality and efficiency of your post sales support.  When something goes wrong or requires attention, your response is what matters most.

Depending on the nature of your business, post sales services can help you with the following:

  • Critical Order Fulfillment - Handle inbound inventory, warehousing, and management with Critical Parts Order Fulfillment. The combination of more than 950 global Field Stocking Locations with our universal technology platform puts you closer to your customers and offers global order and inventory visibility.
  • Reverse Logistics - Make an efficient returns process convenient for your customers or service technicians. With our advanced technology that produces pre-printed, bar-coded, Web-enabled return labels, you can keep complete visibility of your returned parts to ensure they arrive at their designated locations when expected.
  • Network and Parts Planning - Gain the knowledge to put the right type and quantity of stock in the right locations.
  • Test, Repair, and Refurbish - Manage the return and repair of certain parts in your inventory. We can screen, test, and diagnose critical parts to determine their viability. Then we assess whether those parts can be refurbished, returned to inventory, or recycled, and take care of getting them there too.

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