PharmaPort™ 360

Pharmaport 360

Delivering a New Degree of Protection

The PharmaPort 360, manufactured by Cool Containers for UPS Temperature True® air freight, is the latest advance in creating the right environment for your temperature-sensitive shipments. An added layer of protection, this new fully tested and validated container helps to ensure the safe arrival of sensitive pharmaceutical and biologics that are critical to patient health.

For many pharmaceutical and biological shipments, 2 degrees Celsius is all that separates an effective medicine for a patient and a write off for your inventory, so strict temperature protection is critical. The PharmaPort 360 can help reduce product losses and proactively maintain product integrity as shipments move through the supply chain. Featuring exceptionally accurate temperature control, this innovative container limits temperature fluctuations to within two degrees at its preconfigured 5°C setpoint. And it sustains this range for more than 100 hours at an ambient temperature of 23°C.

To maintain these strict temperature tolerances, as well as monitor location and other shipment data, the PharmaPort 360 is equipped with integrated environmental sensors and GPS/GSM communications capabilities. UPS control tower agents actively monitor every container worldwide for select "heartbeats" such as:

  • Internal chamber and external ambient temperatures
  • Remaining battery life
  • Status of cooling and heating plates
  • Container location in near real time

When alerts are triggered indicating a potential risk, agents can intervene with pre-established contingency plans so your shipment is protected.

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