Make Product Returns Simpler

When your customers need to return something, how easy do you make it? With UPS, returns are easy. Your customers can conveniently receive a return shipping label by e-mail, mail, or online and you can get more control over the mode and speed of your return shipments, creating a more efficient process. You and your customers both get end-to-end visibility, which can result in fewer calls to customer service and stronger customer loyalty.

Take Immediate Action with a Product Recall

Speed. Scale. Scope. These are the logistical resources you need to successfully carry out a product recall. Without them, the effected product could be given to patients and linger in the press, impacting both patient health and your reputation.

UPS has experience executing product recalls, from shipping recall notices and replacement units to returning product for quarantine or disposal. The flexibility of our global network of healthcare distribution facilities paired with our large base of experienced employees and transportation network, enable us to execute product recalls fast, efficiently, and within regulatory compliance.

Move Replacement Parts Faster

Keeping high-tech medical equipment humming is essential for providers to offer care--and for the health of your bottom line. But when replacement parts are needed, how quickly can you get equipment up and running again?

With more than 900 field stocking locations around the world, UPS can keep your parts close at hand to cut down time. Plus, our advanced returns technology allows you to get parts back to the right location, using an optimal transportation mode. Convenient preprinted, bar-coded, or Web-enabled returns shipping labels ensure you have visibility into your returns for better staffing and inbound planning.

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