UPS Proactive Response®

Proactive Response

Monitor Your Product's Vital Signs

What if you could have your temperature-sensitive or life-saving shipments monitored along their journeys to resolve potential issues before they become problems? Now you can.

UPS Proactive Response offers a sophisticated monitoring engine and dedicated logistics experts who continuously observe your critical shipments and take action when needed. If a potential risk is identified, or if your shipment can't be delivered as scheduled, we initiate service recovery procedures based on your pre-defined instructions.

We're prepared to:

  • Intercept packages that are at risk of missing their scheduled delivery time
  • Refrigerate or replenish dry ice for temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Attempt a same-day redelivery if the first attempt is unsuccessful
  • Deliver on Saturday so that your shipment isn't held over the weekend
  • Upgrade delayed critical shipments with next flight out or same day delivery
  • Re-route your shipment to an alternate address
  • Return a shipment to the shipper before the first delivery attempt
  • Hold a shipment for pickup by the receiver

With our help, you'll mitigate the expense of product loss, improve your customers' experience, and protect your brand.

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