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You need reliable deliveries to keep your plant running.

And flexible transportation options are a must, so that you can scale the flow of inbound materials up or down with production demands.

Use our time- and day-definite services to meet normal production schedules. When you have a spike in demand, use our air freight services to get your materials where they need to be. And if you've got more than a few packages, but less than a full pallet, our UPS Hundredweight Service® gives you guaranteed, cost-effective delivery.

Our visibility solutions help you stay in control and give you detailed information on your inbound shipments so you can plan for production.

Stay on Track with Global Shipping

The automotive industry is becoming more global, which means your need for international solutions is growing.

By combining brokerage with our transportation services, you'll help ensure timely customs clearance, speeding up the transport of your goods and reducing the risk of delays and penalties. Before you ship, find harmonized tariff codes, check import and export compliance requirements and landed costs estimates--including duties and taxes with UPS TradeAbility®.

Guide your suppliers so that time isn't wasted with customs holds. Avoid inaccurate or incomplete information -- with UPS Import Control®, you create your own shipping labels and invoices, increasing accuracy and customs compliance.

And while your shipments are in route, Flex® Global View and Quantum View® Manage keep you informed with notifications of critical clearance milestones and complete tracking status.

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