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Guests aren't the only things passing through your doors. Whether you're managing new construction, starting a property improvement plan, or running daily operations, hotels and resorts require a constant stream of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E). That's where we come in--our experts can take care of the shipping and transportation and let you focus on day-to-day operations.

Our integrated network for packages and pallets helps reduce inbound transportation expenses up to 35 percent. The pressure to manage the total cost of goods is high; we're here to help remove some of the stress.

Take Control of Your Inbound Supply Chain

You know your inbound logistics and shipping needs better than anyone. Our transportation management services help you--not your vendor--manage shipping modes to best fit your deadline and budget.

Our solutions give you a clearer picture of end-to-end costs, help create routing guides for your vendors, and provide full visibility of all your inbound shipments. Add to that our reliable, worldwide services that cover all your transportation needs:

Monitor Vendor Compliance and Cost

Give vendors the ability to bill your UPS account directly and see exactly where your money's going. Our vendor management suite ensures purchase order numbers are on all shipments, letting you improve cost-allocation accuracy and gain a clearer understanding of your total shipping costs.

Centralize Control and Manage Shipping Costs

With a large property--which can require coordination with a corporate office or additional locations--you've got lots of people who need to ship on a regular basis. UPS CampusShip® gives your staff the flexibility to print from desktops at multiple locations while letting you retain oversight and control of service options and costs.

UPS CampusShip also allows you to track shipments from pickup to delivery, and its verifiable cost codes help speed billing reconciliation.

Enhance Guest Services and Streamline Processes

Your loading dock may be hectic, but you've got to keep your front desk calm and accommodating. These UPS services and technology help you streamline your back office processes, elevating your guests' experience at the same time:

Hotel Services

  • Outsource your business center operations to experts at The UPS Store®, improving guest service and saving staff time
  • UPS Trackpad® offers dock-to-guest visibility and integrates with common lodging and property management systems 
  • Quantum View® Manage enhances shipping visibility, improves planning of dock resources, and enables proactive response to delivery issues

Sustainable Solutions Create Efficiencies--and Goodwill

Your property has a lot of moving parts, but we can help them move more efficiently--saving time, paper, and fuel.

  • UPS carbon neutral - Meet sustainability goals with your shipments using this convenient option to offset CO2 emissions
  • UPS Billing Center - Reduce paper use and cost by viewing, managing, and paying shipping invoices securely online
  • UPS Smart Pickup® - Minimize driver visits and slash fuel use by scheduling a pickup only when needed

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