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We deliver more than 16-million shipments every day, and our dependability and dedication to service extend to more than 220 countries and territories.

We ship. We do it reliably--and we do it in ways that help you save time, money, and hassle.

Our Flexibility Lets You Choose the Service You Need, When You Need It
We can take a look at your shipping costs, determine where and when you can use a less expensive option, and give you the ability to quickly compare pricing. And we can do this because our one integrated delivery network allows you to switch between packages and pallets, next day and next week, across the country and around the world.

Our adaptability lets you create efficiencies and save taxpayer dollars. Whether it's time-sensitive documents or temperature-sensitive prescriptions, you can enjoy confidence in our reliability and increased value with our cost- and time-saving technologies.

The Power of One--and Beyond

Our integrated network is one big advantage--especially when you need the added convenience of after-hours drop-offs or later pickups.

  • One carrier for envelopes, packages, and freight
  • One driver for pickups and deliveries
  • One account manager for one point of contact
  • One technology platform for streamlined reporting
  • 4,700 The UPS Store locations
  • 40,000 UPS Drop Boxes
  • 13,000 authorized outlets
  • 1,000 UPS Customer Centers

Maximized Purchase Power

More and more, state governments are combining their purchasing power to get the best deal possible.

We support major cooperative agreements that provide beneficial rates--but no matter what your state, we have scaled rates for you.

Check out the details of our contracts with:

Transportation Management

Take Control of Your Inbound Supply Chain

You know your inbound logistics and shipping needs better than anyone. Our transportation management services help you--not your vendor--take control of your procurement, letting you streamline processes and minimize costs with your state-negotiated rates.

Our solutions give you a clearer picture of end-to-end costs, help create routing letters and instructions for your vendors, and provide full visibility of all your inbound shipments. Add to that our reliable, worldwide services that cover all your transportation needs:

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