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Increase Transparency, Improve Performance

Transparency isn't just about giving others insight into what you do--it's about providing clarity so you can see how to do things better.

Our tools and technologies are designed to let you keep improving. They create efficiencies, centralize control, cut costs, reduce paper, and increase productivity. They grant flexibility and insight, letting you ship easily and make more informed business decisions.

Automated Shipping

Think about how much time your staff spends entering redundant information each day--this adds up, in minutes and money.

Automate processes with our easy-to-use shipping systems and see how you can quickly create shipping labels and waybills, import information from address books, and reduce the amount of key entry--and keystroke errors.

Savings Made Simple

Both WorldShip® and UPS CampusShip® give you the ability to compare shipping services and prices, making mode optimization easy. Select your service level based on urgency and budget requirements, trimming costs where you can.

If your agency is spread across multiple campuses, large buildings, or locations worldwide, it can be tough to track shipping costs. UPS CampusShip--and an internet connection--make it manageable.

This secure, Web-based system centralizes control of your shipping. Administrators customize privileges, allowing them to monitor usage and shipping costs, while employees ship documents, packages, and freight right from their desks.

UPS Tracking Technologies

Shipment Tracking

Our tracking tools do more than give visibility into shipment progress--they let you plan effectively and staff more efficiently.

Stay informed about all your inbound, outbound, third party, even import shipments, and tackle potential issues before they become full-blown problems.

Customize automatic, proactive alerts and keep your customers in the loop, so you spend less time dealing with nervous callers and more time focusing on high-priority items.

Uncomplicated Cost Allocation

Not only do we help you track shipments across your supply chain, we help you track your spend, too. WorldShip and UPS CampusShip offer customizable reference fields that speed billing analysis and cost allocation. Use these customizable fields to enter department codes, client matter codes, cost codes, or purchase order numbers.

See where your budget's going, spot redundancies, and revise when and where needed.

Online Billing

Along with easier reconciliation, we offer easier invoice management. UPS Billing Center is a secure, online location to view, manage, and pay your UPS invoices. Handle multiple accounts and users within one simple interface, view shipment history, and even create custom reports.

Sign up for UPS Billing Center and receive e-mail notifications when new invoices are available, then set additional alerts for payments due and payments confirmed.

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