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Budgets are contracting, and the demand for accountability--for smart spending and strategic sourcing--is getting louder.

The work has to get done, and you've got to figure out how to do it all with fewer resources. We're here to help.

Our Flexibility Lets You Choose the Service You Need, When You Need It
We can take a look at your shipping costs, determine where and when you can use a less expensive option, and give you the ability to quickly compare pricing. And we can do this because our one integrated delivery network allows you to switch between packages and pallets, next day and next week, across the country and around the world.

Our adaptability lets you create efficiencies and save taxpayer dollars. Whether it's time-sensitive documents or temperature-sensitive prescriptions, you can enjoy confidence in our reliability along with the value that comes with DDS3 and TDS scheduled rates.

Domestic Delivery

As a DDS3 BPA Contract Holder, We Provide Better Service, Lower Rates

Selected by the General Services Administration (GSA) as winner of DDS3 Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), we're the sole vendor for express and ground domestic delivery.

And as part of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) program, we're helping the federal government save a projected $1 billion over five years.

UPS Next Day Air letters have one low, flat rate for all zones in the U.S. 48, with no weight limit.

  • UPS carbon offset purchases balance the emissions produced by transporting each next-day letter.
  • UPS does not charge for daily pickups, and requires no fuel surcharge for express and ground packages.

And since low rates only equal cost savings when the service is strong and reliable, we offer a money-back guarantee* for all air and ground deliveries along with our expert insight that allows you to make more informed decisions and better manage your shipping.

*For guarantee details, see the UPS Terms and Conditions of Service.

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Contract Holder

Making the transition to UPS is easy. Our dedicated team understands your unique shipping requirements and is ready to meet your needs--during training and beyond.

Real Stories

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    Find out how we combined technologies with ScriptPro to make shipping prescriptions easier, faster, and more accurate for VA pharmacies--saving nearly $600,000 a year.