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We invest in relationships, because when we do more,
you can too.

Success depends on strong planning, coordination, and implementation--and those elements all hinge on relationships. Whether it's the correlation between urgency and speed or readiness and action, there's a relationship that informs decisions and impacts agility.

At UPS, we use these relationships to optimize your processes, to make sure you're running the tightest operation possible. And we can do that because we invest in the most important relationship, the one between customer and company.

Federal Agencies

Proven Capabilities

As budget constraints grow tighter and the pressures of accountability increase, you're tasked with doing more with less.

Our services, technologies, and logistics expertise are all based around the idea of optimization. Whether you're looking to save time, cut costs, or improve processes, we can help.

Real Stories

Approved TDS Carrier

Proven experience supporting U.S. Armed Forces and humanitarian missions and competitive pricing in high-volume lanes including Afghanistan, Germany, Japan, and Guam

GSA Contract Holder

Awarded the third-generation Domestic Delivery Services contract (DDS3) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for express and ground domestic delivery 

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