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Can outsourcing distribution networks help a company thrive in today's global market?

Accenture White Paper

There is a clear trend for outsourcing with both pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers: those that outsource tend to perform better in the marketplace. Outsourcing can help provide a competitive advantage in supply chain management by providing greater agility and flexibility that can help position you to stay ahead of trends affecting the industry.

Making the decision to outsource is complicated and requires starting with the right tools: identifying the scope of your outsourcing needs, understanding the transition costs up front, and building consensus in your organization with sales and operations for better planning and forecasting. This "Strengthen Your Supply Chain" video and Accenture white paper will help you identify trends in the life sciences industry that apply to your business and will provide you with information to consider making the transition to outsourcing distribution.

Outsourcing to UPS can be both a strategic and tactical decision that will create new sources of value in your supply chain. With turnkey distribution and transportation capabilities from warehousing to pick-and-pack to inbound and outbound transportation, UPS can be the partner to help you improve supply chain performance, compete more strongly, serve your customers better and grow your business.

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