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Fuel Conservation

Fuel Conservation

Operating Efficiently

Efficiency and conservation begin with the first mile. We've mastered the art and science of avoiding unnecessary driving, and we're helping our customers do the same. One of our primary carbon reduction strategies at UPS is to minimize the miles we drive and minutes our vehicles spend idling. This helps us maximize the number of pickups and deliveries we make with every gallon of fuel we use.

Our alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle fleet includes 2,000 delivery vehicles and numbers more than 7,400 in vehicles and support equipment combined. Our "rolling laboratory" has travelled more than 185 million miles worldwide since 2000.

UPS is the only package delivery company to win the EPA SmartWaySM program's Excellence Award (2008, 2009) for our contributions to environmental protection. Based on emissions measured in CO2 grams per mile, our ground fleet is 33% more efficient than the national average.

We achieved a 10% aggregate improvement in miles per gallon for the delivery vehicles in our U.S. Domestic Package segment over the decade that began in the year 2000. The strategies and methods behind this success include our package routing technology and use of telematics.

Sharing Our Expertise

We're passionate about sharing the knowledge we've gathered so everyone can benefit. Over the years we've developed software, methodologies, training programs and other capabilities and made available to other companies seeking to operate their ground fleets more efficiently.

We believe our long-term, continuous focus on increasing ground network efficiency is a significant competitive and environmental advantage. If you're ready to get serious about reducing the negative impact of doing business, check out our suite of green consulting services that can help you convert to a more eco-friendly and efficient supply chain.

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