UPS My Choice®

UPS My Choice for B2C Retailers

Help busy consumers get the clear information and flexible delivery options they expect.

Satisfy customer expectations for up-to-date order status with help from UPS My Choice. Encourage your customers to sign up for our service, and we'll send them automatic delivery notifications either by text, phone, or e-mail--the choice is theirs.

We let your customers know when packages are shipped and update them the day before as well as the day of delivery. If the estimated dates don't fit customers' schedules, they have options:*

  • Reschedule delivery for another day
  • Hold for pickup at a UPS Access Point™ location
  • Re-route to another address
  • Authorize a driver release, where available

These notifications mean fewer calls to your customer service reps, and the delivery flexibility means more completed shipments--and fewer packages returned to sender. That can make a big impact on your bottom line, all with little cost or effort from you.

*Fees and additional transportation charges may apply. Certain delivery options may not be available due to the nature of the shipment or at the shipper's request.

Benefit from an added layer of anti-fraud security.

After someone registers for UPS My Choice, we mail a confirmation letter to the new member's address. Customers can then confirm their membership or cancel it if someone else tried registering on their behalf.

And since all requests to change delivery locations are made through our secure technology, you can feel confident that the right person is getting your shipment.

Talk with one of our reps about adding UPS My Choice to

  • Order summary and confirmation pages
  • Order confirmation e-mails
  • Collateral included with customers' purchases

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Online Shopper Survey

  • 47% are satisfied with the post-shipment flexibility to choose another delivery date

  • 45% are content with the ability to reroute a package