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You want a distribution network that saves you time, effort, and money--you want efficiencies that help you work better.

A better distribution network requires better technology, and UPS has it.

World-class Functionality from UPS and Manhattan Associates

Our best-of-breed technology, powered by Manhattan Associates and configurable to your needs, gives you global visibility into your supply chain. This precise information allows you to forecast and make smarter decisions, letting you improve your operations and your customers'.

We can help you:

  • Save money by using our world-class technology instead of investing your own capital
  • Maximize coverage with our single, global, integrated system
  • Monitor inventory across the globe and make system changes only once when responding to shifting customer demands
  • Maintain strong service with our regular system updates, enhanced data security, increased data capacity, and data center redundancy
  • Pay only for what you need, when you need it--our scalability helps you expand seamlessly

Benefit from Better Processes--Without a Learning Curve

Our technology comes with a team of UPS IT experts knowledgeable in multiple platforms across many industry segments. Their guidance frees your department's time and speeds your supply chain transition, letting you see cost-savings faster.

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