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Seamless Transactions Across Borders

More than ever, consumers shop in a global marketplace. Handling transactions with customers worldwide requires more than an international shipping plan--it requires the power of logistics.

Whether you want to expand into a new market or enhance service to current international consumers, we can help you create loyal shoppers.

Our global e-commerce solution makes it easy to manage the processes for currency conversion, cost calculations, payment and fraud protection, returns, customs compliance, and shipping.

This technology integrates quickly with your retail website and gives you full control, helping you avoid costly, time-consuming, and inefficient "home-grown" systems.

What You Can Do

  • Display your product descriptions in local languages and automatically convert to local currencies
  • Get product classification and compliance tools for customs
  • Gain visibility for both you and your customers across the network
  • Handle export documentation without paper
  • Gain peace of mind with fraud protection services
  • Easily calculate and display total landed costs so consumers can avoid the surprise of additional charges at delivery
All of this gives you easier, more reliable international transactions. From initial purchase and shipping to international returns, UPS gives you the power to control your supply chain and customer experience.

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