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Efficient returns mean happier customers

Handling returns can be a difficult task for your business, and it's not so easy for your customers either. Avoid repeat customer calls or lack of product return visibility and overcrowded warehouse space.

Get an easy and efficient process for sending a return label to your customer online, and turn the returns process into a streamlined operation without the need for your own IT resources.

Automating Returns

UPS Complete View Returns is a self-service returns solution that automates the returns process without changing the way you run your business. This service allows returns to be completed online by the customer, including the delivery of a UPS return label. You can also link your back-end databases to the returns process to maximize the use of the return product information, reducing costs while improving customer service.

Online Returns Benefits

We've made processing your returns online a simple, ready-to-go option. You can get connected easily with UPS and start offering a new level of support to your customers.

  • Your customer service staff can process returns faster and e-mail customers a link to your dedicated returns website.
  • Your customers can print their own labels when needed.
  • You can implement special routing instructions and route specific returns to different locations.
  • You can implement special business rules for customer service, like restricted shipping options.
  • You can customize e-mail with instructions for processing returned shipments.

Choices for Integration

Standard - This basic format integrates into a website we've developed for you. Certain content can be altered to suit your needs--basic verbiage changes, label choice, and settings for the return service level option.

Custom - This format is a customized interface that incorporates your business rules and logic.

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