Transportation OptimizationOptimization and Logistics

Transportation Optimization

Transportation and logistics operations can be a competitive differentiator. Transportation planning, optimization, and execution are focused on two areas: cost and service. Poorly defined service requirements can either disappoint customers or lead companies to pay for service levels their customers neither demand nor expect.

Balancing Transportation Costs with Service

The efficient movement of products through effective transportation management can keep costs low and customer satisfaction high. Customer Solutions helps you evaluate multiple transportation modes, carriers, routes, shipping strategies, and support to find the lowest cost combination for your transportation optimization needs.

We'll help you formulate routing and shipping strategies for:

  • Correct origin and mode
  • Same origin and destination shipment consolidation
  • Multi-stop truckload consolidation
  • Continuous routes
  • Pool distribution

Our Process

We use a ten step process to analyze and design a unique solution.

  1. Define project scope
  2. Gather detailed data set
  3. Establish design assumptions
  4. Baseline existing supply chain network
  5. Identify improvement opportunities
  6. Develop scenarios
  7. Run scenarios
  8. Rationalize the scenarios
  9. Compare scenarios to each other and the baseline
  10. Develop recommendations, present conclusions