Business Process ReengineeringOptimization and Logistics

Process Management

The goal of process management is to improve processes continuously. Improving operational processes within your supply chain can gain you greater competitive advantage. We use a holistic management approach to our own processes, and we're leaders in operational excellence. Customer Solutions can help your business focus on aligning business need with customer expectation. We promote business efficacy, innovation, flexibility, and technology integration to help you implement optimal design into your supply chain and warehouse activities.

BPR Assessment

The first step to refining your supply chain is to understand where improvements can make a significant difference in performance. Let us help you quantify your business case for change within about four to seven weeks. We'll run a business process reengineering (BPR) assessment to map the current and desired future state of your supply chain, evaluate current roles and responsibilities, review data to prioritize your path forward, and identify areas for improved performance.

Rethinking Your Business Process

We know that your business has its own unique supply chain needs and challenges. Individualized process engineering is an important part of manufacturing efficiency and productivity. However, when processes become too complex or doesn't realize the same return it may be time to reengineer the entire process cycle.

We work with you to determine how to design and reengineer your supply chain so that you gain the maximum benefit. Whether you're looking for ways to cut costs, speed products to market, improve customer service, or strengthen your balance sheet, our experienced consultants can help streamline your supply chain so you keep your competitive advantage.

  • Keep your distribution network sleek and streamlined to gain efficiencies, improve customer service, and better utilize assets and capital
  • Get insights into optimal logistics design, re-engineering, and supply chain management
  • Gain leading-edge information systems
  • Measure productivity through new benchmarking processes

From site analysis and selection to supply chain modeling, network optimization, and parts planning, our services can help you make your supply chain a smooth-running operation.