ConnectShip® Technology

Customizable shipping technology Integrate multi-carrier solutions
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Customizable, Scalable Shipment Processing

The systems you put in place need flexibility and power to get the job done. And sometimes, what works for everyone else just isn't the right fit for your supply chain.

As one of the most respected global transportation companies, we have the knowledge and experience to implement solutions that deliver on your company's vision. Realize benefits from processes that connect business systems and can scale as your business grows and moves toward global standardization. Get the right level of order visibility, software integration, shipping centralization, and customization--created for you--through the ConnectShip® suite of products.

A Seamless Order Cycle

UPS's Customer Solutions team will integrate a unique combination of ConnectShip products to give you visibility at any point in your order pipeline and across multi-modal or multi-carrier environments. We'll help you streamline your shipping operation and control shipping costs. Experience improved customer service and diminished cost through integrated warehouse management, order entry, and customer service systems. We can put together a system with features that successful pick-and-pack operations demand--in a single shipping application.

SAP Integration

In today's competitive business environment, the ability to adapt business processes to changing requirements is crucial to running a successful business. But using multiple, disparate systems to manage fulfillment and shipping constrains your ability to adapt efficiently. Customer Solutions has the experience and expertise to embed ConnectShip's patented shipping technology directly into your SAP environment, with no other systems between you and your customers.

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