Contract Logistics

Sometimes you just need someone new to ask you a question so you can find a better answer.

When you're too close to the problem, it can be hard to see the opportunity. Getting another point of view can be invaluable when it comes to sparking ideas for improvement and innovation.

Our logistics experts are trained to ask questions that'll get your imagination running. Combine that insight with our established network of facilities and world-class technology, and you'll start seeing new ways to reduce costs and increase your global reach.

Success requires you to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools. We're here to help you get there.



We help you with everything from inbound flow to warehousing, inventory management, inspections, returns handling, and global delivery

Transportation Management

Contract Logistics > Transportation Management

Specialized solutions to meet transportation and freight needs

Post Sales / Service Parts

Post Sales / Service Parts

End-to-end global solutions to optimize your service parts supply chain

Supplier Management

Supplier/Vendor Management

Front-end control of the supply chain

Finished Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle Transportation

Streamlining vehicle shipping with one point of contact and multi-modal options

Supply Chain Design and Planning Services

Supply Chain Design and Planning

Supply chain designs and plans that leverage UPS's logistics capabilities to benefit your business

Gain Insight

  • UPS integrates eSecuritel warehousing and fulfillment
    Meet: eSecuritel

    See how UPS warehousing and fulfillment enable next-day mobile phone replacement for orders placed by midnight.

  • Meet: K12
    Meet: K12
    K12 and UPS team up to transform online education for pre- through high school.
  • Sprint
    Meet: Sprint
    See how Sprint dialed up supply chain improvements.
  • Watch and Learn: Baxter Planning Systems
    Watch and Learn: Baxter Planning Systems
    Baxter and UPS work together to optimize your service parts process. See what's involved--and what kind of results you can expect.