Compliance Consulting

Need help developing and implementing plans to improve your company's trade compliance with national and international security initiatives, as well as regulations pertaining to specific goods?  UPS advises clients on the most current compliance initiatives developed by U.S. Customs for the trade community and assists them in evaluating current trade compliance levels.

If you need detailed manuals to ensure that employees know the requirements of customs authorities and other governmental agencies in various countries, we can help.  By developing import or export compliance manuals, your company can decrease the risk of fines and punitive damages.

Your company can move goods as quickly and efficiently as possible with UPS compliance consulting handling the complex mix of approvals, permits, and restrictions surrounding import and export processes most countries have.

Our compliance consulting services include:

  • Import and Export compliance assessments
  • Information regarding specific security initiatives
  • Compliance planning and implementation
  • Import and Export compliance manuals
  • Documentation and recordkeeping requirements

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