Close the Gap Between Receiving Orders and Shipping Goods

When an order comes in, you want to get it processed quickly and accurately to get your goods into your customers' hands when they need it. Enter UPS. Speed up your business processes by connecting your order entry system directly to a UPS shipping system to get orders picked, packed, and shipped faster. And, because UPS can connect directly to your existing systems, there is no need to re-key customer data. This means shipments are ready faster and addresses can be validated before the orders ship, saving you time and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Choose from do-it-yourself integration with the UPS Shipping API or WorldShip®, select a UPS Ready® technology provider to integrate your shipping and order management systems, or choose a UPS Ready Application Provider that has UPS shipping already built in. You'll find that whatever your size and level of sophistication there's an integration solution to streamline your processes.

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