Click, Purchase, Receive--Buying Wholesale from China

Sourcing products internationally can be challenging. Let AliExpress, an online marketplace offering wholesale prices on small orders from China, help you with:

  • Wholesale items with no minimum quantity
  • Online payments with escrow
  • Shipment visibility with detailed UPS® tracking information

Sourcing Unique Products
Buyers in the United States value unique products. AliExpress experts conduct research to determine products that appeal specifically to U.S. buyers and offer them on AliExpress can also help in sourcing hard-to-find products at wholesale prices.

Making International Shipping Fast and Easy
UPS is the preferred carrier of AliExpress--providing excellent shipping value with fast, reliable service. You'll also get complete shipment visibility through detailed tracking information.

Connect with sellers in China through AliExpress and UPS to simplify your sourcing and logistics processes.