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When your company needs to keep track of data from an enterprise-wide shipping solution, avoiding duplicate or extra work is a concern. By integrating flexible UPS Billing Data files--available in CSV, XML, or EDI 210 formats--into your existing systems, you can eliminate large amounts of data entry. This reduces your labour costs, and eliminates many opportunities for error.

Complement UPS Billing Data with the UPS Billing Analysis Tool

If you require a detailed view of your UPS Billing Data, but don't have the time or resources to implement an enterprise-wide solution right away, the UPS Billing Analysis Tool offers big benefits with a simple download.

With multiple views of Billing Data from all of your accounts, you'll find it easy to keep track of billing expenses right from your home or office. The ability to spot trends and then adjust business decisions based on that information can help you cut costs and increase your overall efficiency.

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