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Reaching new customers and providers internationally is easier with an experienced global shipping expert like UPS. Whether you need an economical shipping option or the fastest possible service for urgent shipments, we can provide a solution for international shipments of any size.

Is Speed What You Need?

For your shipments that need to arrive as quickly as possible, UPS offers on-time express services, typically with options for morning or end of day delivery. Time in transit typically ranges from one to three days depending on the origin and destination countries.

Need an Economical Solution?

For less-urgent shipments, even those that require reliable, day-definite delivery, we have services that offer an excellent alternative for your business. Time in transit typically ranges from two to five days, depending on origin and destination.

Making a good first impression is easy with world-class UPS services working for you. Good impressions mean more clients in new markets for your business, and faster growth around the world.

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