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Key Capabilities

If shipping is a critical part of your business, we can relate. You need to get shipments out as quickly as possible without error, keep your customers informed, and analyse your shipping history. WorldShip allows you to:

  • Print labels
  • Upload customs documentation
  • Set up shipment alerts
  • Track shipments
  • Export shipment data
  • Run reports
From package to LTL and air freight, WorldShip enables you to process shipments easily, remain compliant, and reduce costly errors. The Windows-based software is available in 20 languages and more than 140 origin countries.

WorldShip Integration

WorldShip integration gives you several options for getting the information required to generate shipping labels. You can import an address book and manage addresses to simplify entry of recipient address details. If you connect to a data file, you can pull complete shipment information one order at a time or as a batch. You can even automate label generation by telling WorldShip how often to scan for new shipments.

WorldShip's benefits extend beyond the warehouse, too. By setting up data feeds into and out of WorldShip, you can streamline order entry, customer service, accounting, procurement, and billing processes.

Business is better when systems communicate. Start using WorldShip's time-saving features and integration capabilities.

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