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Changes to PDF Invoice and UPS Billing Data File Retrieval
Summary of Changes

  • UPS PDF Invoice and UPS Billing Data files can now be accessed on ups.com. Accessing your electronic billing files on ups.com provides enhanced security, expanded invoice history, and improved accessibility.
  • After confirming your enrollment, electronic billing files will be accessible on ups.com via secure login to My UPS.
  • You will continue to receive e-mails notifying you when new invoices are available, but you will be required to log in to ups.com to access them.

To learn more about the transition of UPS electronic billing information delivery and retrieval, continue reading below:

What is changing?

In our efforts to improve UPS electronic billing solutions, UPS is changing the manner in which PDF Invoice and UPS Billing Data files are delivered. UPS has been delivering PDF Invoice and UPS Billing Data files through a legacy process by sending a link within an e-mail that provides direct access to your electronic billing files. This process is being transitioned to a new process where users will be required to log in to ups.com to access electronic billing information. UPS will continue to send e-mails, notifying you when a new invoice is available for viewing. The e-mail will include a link to ups.com, which will direct you to log in. However, with the new process, you can view your available invoices at any time by logging in to ups.com. 

Please note that when one user confirms enrollment for an account, all users accessing that account's electronic billing files will be required to access the files through ups.com. For added security, each user must log into My UPS and confirm their enrollment separately.

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Why the change?

By transitioning access to electronic billing information to ups.com, UPS is able to provide enhanced security, expanded history or invoice information, a single ID for access to various functions on ups.com, and improved accessibility of invoice information. 

  • Enhanced security - The new process enhances security by requiring users to log in to My UPS to access electronic billing information.
  • Expanded history of invoice information - Up to one year of invoice information is available.  For PDF Invoice, one year of information is available immediately upon confirmation of enrollment.  For UPS Billing Data, history will build from enrollment up to one year.
  • Single ID for access to shipping, visibility, and billing capabilities on ups.com - Your My UPS ID can be used to enroll, or assigned rights for various capabilities on ups.com, including UPS Internet Shipping,  UPS CampusShip, and QuantumView Manage, in addition to Electronic Billing.
  • Improved Accessibility - Although UPS will send e-mail notifications whenever a new invoice is available, you can access new and past invoices any time by logging in to ups.com.

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How do I confirm my enrollment?

To transition to the New Process and confirm your enrollment to access electronic billing at ups.com, please take the following steps.

  1. Select Enroll in Package Services Electronic Billing in the Next Steps area of this page.
  2. If you are not already logged in to My UPS, you will be prompted to enter your My UPS User ID and password to log in. Enter this information to log in. If you do not have a My UPS User ID, select Register on the login page and complete the registration process to create a My UPS profile, including a My UPS User ID and password. Note that the e-mail address you enter in your My UPS profile will be the e-mail address that receives notifications when a new invoice is available for viewing.
  3. Confirm your contact information. The e-mail address listed is the e-mail address where UPS will send notifications of the availability of a new invoice. If this e-mail address needs to be updated, you will need to update your My UPS profile with the appropriate e-mail address. If another person needs access to invoice information, they will need to enroll separately. Up to five users can enroll to access invoices for an account.
  4. Select the account number from the Accounts in Your Profile drop down, or enter the Account Number and select Next.
  5. View Authenticate Your Account box and select Next.
  6. Enter Authentication information, including Account vs. Plan selection, Invoice Number, Invoice Amount (Charges/Amount Due this Period), and Invoice Date from a recent PDF Invoice or UPS Billing Data file. (This is needed to ensure that you are authorized to access the electronic billing files you are requesting access to.) Select Next
  7. Confirm inputs and select the appropriate Electronic Billing options to continue to receive  your current electronic billing format.
    • You can select PDF Invoice, UPS Billing Data, or both. UPS Billing Data is available in either CSV or XML format.
  8. Select Submit.
  9. Once you see the Billing Enrollment Confirmation page, your enrollment to receive UPS electronic billing files at ups.com is complete. The page summarizes your electronic billing preference settings. Once you confirm your enrollment, you may receive the legacy process e-mails until the transition to ups.com goes into effect. To ensure you don't miss any invoices from UPS, please continue to access files through the legacy process for as long as you receive these e-mails after you confirm your enrollment.

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How will I access my invoices after I confirm my enrollment?

Once you confirm your enrollment, there are two methods to access your electronic billing files:

Access from an e-mail notification:

  1. Receive e-mail from UPS, notifying you of availability of a new invoice.
  2. Select the link within the e-mail (opens ups.com log in page).
  3. Enter your My UPS User ID and Password on the log in page.
  4. Once logged in, you will be brought to the View Invoices page.
  5. Select the electronic billing file you want to download.

Access directly through ups.com:

  1. Go to the My UPS Billing page by logging into My UPS, selecting My UPS at the top of the page, and selecting Billing from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the View/Download Invoices link.
  3. Select your Account from drop down list or Enter Account number.
  4. Select Show History for the Last drop down to show all invoices within the timeframe selected. To customize your timeframe, select Custom Date Range and enter Start and End Dates (up to one year ago from today's date). 
  5. Select Search.
  6. Select the electronic billing file you want to download.

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