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Don't have the time to get your shipment to UPS? We can help. If you have a UPS Account and ship on a regular basis, select a scheduled pickup option like Daily Pickup to gain predictability and peace of mind. Or satisfy occasional pickup needs by using UPS On-Call Pickup® to schedule a pickup on demand. Whatever option you select, you can count on UPS to be there.

Get Peace of Mind with a Predictable Pickup

If you ship regularly, you should consider establishing a scheduled pickup. Work together with UPS to target days of the week and a preferred pickup time, and then get back to your business.

Maintain Flexibility with a UPS On-Call Pickup

A UPS On-Call Pickup can be scheduled at any time through one of our UPS-enabled shipping systems, through the Schedule a Pickup application, or by calling UPS. Once your pickup is scheduled, we will take care of the details.

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