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The Gemini Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are designed to increase your productivity--organizing information easily and quickly, so that when your air freight needs to get out the door, your shipping process doesn't slow things down.

Gemini APIs include Shipping and Rating APIs for UPS air freight shipments, allowing you to compare and select services that best fit your needs then create the shipment directly on your website or business system.

With Gemini APIs, you can:

  • Automate order processing and order management
  • Calculate freight rates for domestic and export shipments
  • Generate standard UPS shipping labels and manifest documentation
  • Search submitted orders by various criteria
  • Cancel submitted order requests

You can also integrate the Tracking API available within the UPS Developer Kit to monitor your air freight shipments.

To integrate the Gemini APIs, you must hire or have in-house programmers with expertise in integrating XML and Web Service APIs. Gemini 7 Web Service uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

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