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Add a UPS Account

Authentication is required when adding an account to your My UPS profile.

Authentication is performed as a security measure to ensure that unauthorised people do not access, enroll, or make changes to your account. In order to complete the authentication process, you may need to provide account invoice detail from one of your last three Delivery Service Invoices or an International Package Services Invoice received within the last 45 days.

Note: Account invoice detail will not be required if you were not due to receive an invoice during this time period.

If you do not have a recent invoice, check with your accounts payable department. You can also get billing help online or call UPS Billing at 1-800-811-1648 (U.S. only) to request a duplicate invoice.

How To Add a UPS Account to Your My UPS profile.

  1. Select My UPS in the area at the left.
  2. Select Account Summary.
  3. Select Add a UPS Account.
  4. Select Add an Existing UPS Account.
  5. Enter UPS Account Number, Account Name, Postal Code and Country of the Account. Select Next. Note: If Account Invoice Authentication is required, complete steps 6-9. Otherwise, proceed to step 10.
  6. Enter the Invoice Number exactly as shown on the invoice.
  7. Enter the Invoice Amount (Charges this Period) in the (nnn.nn) format. Do not enter a dollar sign ($).
  8. Enter the Invoice Date in the (mm/dd/yyyy) format. Select the calendar icon, and then choose or enter the date on the invoice in the required format.
  9. Enter the Control ID exactly as shown on the invoice. (The Control ID is case sensitive.)
  10. Select Add Account.

Note:  To update a UPS Account that already exists in your My UPS profile, select the UPS Account link.

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