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How to Give Other Users Access to Your Account
There is a simple, efficient way to help you share a UPS shipping account with employees.

1. Authorised Users

When you obtain a shipping account through online registration on ups.com, you are automatically established as the Account Owner. As the account owner, you will have the ability to control, manage and share your account with your small business team. Granting others access to your account allows them to handle the shipping for your small business.

Within the Maintain Your UPS Account section,  you can send an invitation to up to five (5) of your co-workers to use your account. Once they accept your invitation, they will appear in your list of Authorised Users. These five users will have the ability to conduct the following routine shipping duties:

  • Ship a package and bill against your account
  • Order supplies
  • Schedule collections

Key things to remember:

  • You are only allowed up to five (5) Authorised Users
  • You will need to invite users and have them accept the email invitation for them to be activated as an Authorised User
  • Users will appear in your Maintain Your UPS Account section under the My UPS tab
  • You can remove and add users at any time
  • You can transfer account ownership to an existing authorised user. Once you have successfully transferred ownership, you will automatically become an authorised user of the account. As an authorised user, you will not have account owner rights, like the ability to remove or add any additional users.

2. Authenticated Users

Extending access to more than five users is easy. Simply have the additional users complete the UPS Account Authentication process, in Account Maintenance and they will be classified as Authenticated Users. These users have the same capabilities as Authorised Users, but can also be granted access to the UPS Billing Centre.

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