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You already know that UPS lets you track your shipment from door to door. If you need even more visibility at your destination, UPS Signature Tracking® may be the solution for you.

Tracking with Proof of Delivery
Get access to enhanced tracking with instant visual proof of delivery, and reassurance that your shipment is in the recipient's hands when promised. You'll see the full delivery address, including street and suite numbers, and postal codes. This enhanced visibility gives you confidence to speed up the rest of your operation, and worry less about the shipments that have already left your dock--or your desk.

Streamline Your Shipping Process
When you incorporate immediate proof of delivery into your shipping process with UPS Signature Tracking, you're able to ease your customers' minds with the knowledge that their shipment has been received by the appropriate party.

Once delivery has been confirmed on, your billing process can begin with very little delay, dramatically shortening the time between receipt and payment. This reduces risk to your company and keeps your sensitive UPS delivery information secure.

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UPS Account information is required to access the proof of delivery online and only your authorised customers will have access.

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Your customer's signature gives you ultimate in proof of delivery. Set up UPS Signature Tracking with a UPS Account.

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