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You send important packages. Whether it's a gift for Grandma or a special delivery for a client, we're here to help you make sure your shipment arrives safely and on schedule.

Personal Shipping

Ship with an Expert

Shipping is easier with a logistics expert like UPS. Whether you're looking for the fastest possible shipping, or a more economical choice, we've got a service that fits and the tools to make shipping easy. We can handle it all for you at a UPS location, or you can choose to ship online yourself. Whatever your shipping need, we can help make managing your daily personal logistics simpler.

Preparing to Ship

The first step to shipping success is proper packaging. Before you ship, learn about some best practices and UPS tools that can help.

Choosing Shipping Options

Selecting the right shipping service is about understanding what you need and knowing your options. Let us help you plan.

Shipping Online

Are you ready to start shipping? If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, online shipping could be right for you. Find out how easy it is to get a quote. Take control as you schedule a shipment, print your label, and schedule a collection yourself . Who knows, you could just enjoy trying it out.

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