Complicated Distribution?
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Whether you're part of a global conglomerate or a small but growing business, our distribution solutions can help yield critical business benefits that crystallise throughout your company--on P&L statements, in customer satisfaction surveys, and in the ability to penetrate and expand markets you weren't able to service in the past.

We maintain over 35 million square feet of distribution and warehousing facilities, strategically located at approximately 1,000 sites in more than 120 countries. You'll get the right amount of product to the right place at the right time to meet demand.

Minimise Your Capital Investment
Leverage our established network and IT systems to gain cost and service advantages--without having to build and maintain these facilities and systems on your own.

Position Products Closer to Your Customers
Our network of facilities enables optimal staging of your inventory and helps reduce time-in-transit and overall transportation costs.

Leverage Our Multi-carrier Capabilities
UPS Supply Chain Solutions can help you match the right carriers with the right service at the right cost, enabling your company to reach customers efficiently around the country or around the world.

Access Advanced Systems to Manage Inventory and Shipments
Our IT systems provide greater visibility and capture information you need to fulfil orders and optimise product inventory.

Ensure Fast Implementation of Your Distribution Solution
UPS Supply Chain Solutions can get your distribution operations up and running in approximately four to eight weeks.

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