Selling Internationally: Cross-border and BeyondE-commerce

The World is Within Your Reach

Selling Internationally

Yes, globalisation drives competition to even higher levels, but international markets can continue to provide growth opportunities for your company. After all, e-commerce has no borders.

Whether you're growing your business within the European Union (EU) or expanding across other borders, we can help make international trade more understandable and easier to manage. That means you can offer the same level of service to customers, no matter where they are around the world.

Business Within the EU

Adding efficiencies with EU-specific services can make a difference when you're trying to get ahead closer to home.

With Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.), payment for your goods is included in the delivery process itself--we'll even manage currency conversions for you. If we can't collect payment for your items within three delivery attempts, your products will be returned to you.

Moving Outside the EU

International trade regulations can change quickly. If you're not aware of the latest information, customs issues can delay your shipments and affect your customers' delivery experience.

Our position as the world's largest customs broker means our logistics experts are well-prepared to help you navigate complex international trade regulations--staying in compliance and avoiding penalties.

Stay ahead of the curve and in compliance, without the clutter and delay of paper invoices: UPS TradeAbility® and UPS Paperless™ Invoice work seamlessly together to help you speed up the customs clearance process and reduce waste.

Gain more control of your international import process and commercial invoices with UPS Import ControlSM. Adjust to speed and budget needs, gain full visibility into your inbound supply chain, and enjoy increased privacy when dealing with third-party shippers.

Ease Returns and Give Peace of Mind

Working across borders makes the already-complicated returns process even more complex. But with returns service in more than 140 countries and territories, we offer retailers a chance to make things easier for all parties.

Provide customers with instructions on international returns and give them door-to-door visibility so they can track the package back to the warehouse or store. They'll be able to see the package is on its way--assurance that they'll receive credit for their order and, if necessary, a replacement will be sent soon. Your business will be able to plan better for returning merchandise, and get a more comprehensive view of your supply chain as a whole.

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