Life requires a certain degree of manoeuvrability, and so does your business.

The road before us rarely stretches in a straight line: Get needed adaptability and versatility with ConnectShip™ software, so you can see shipping activity across multiple carriers and respond faster to your customers' ever-changing needs.

Integrate ConnectShip tools into your enterprise, e-commerce and supply chain management applications. It's software that helps you manage an irreplaceable resource: your time.


About ConnectShip

ConnectShip, a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS®, provides patented multi-carrier technology for twenty percent of Fortune 100™ companies. This technology streamlines processes--reducing errors, fees, and package delays--and can be customised and integrated into your business, giving you solutions designed to meet your specific multi-carrier package, LTL, and freight needs. 

Create a unique shipping process with ConnectShip solutions and then replicate it as your business grows and moves toward global standardisation. You can centrally manage your shipping systems from a single server-based application, then process shipments from 50 origin countries.

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