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Russia Import Customs Procedure Changes for Shipments Intended for Personal Use
Service Update

Starting February 7, 2014, the Russian Federal Customs Service will require the following information for all non-document shipments intended for personal use valued under 1000 EUR:

  • the full name (first, middle, last) of the consignee as it appears on their passport
  • the passport number of the consignee
  • a brokerage service contract granting UPS the authority to file the customs clearance
  • an original commercial invoice plus two copies (including an accurate description of goods)

Additional documents may be required by the customs authorities upon request.

We ask consignees to have a copy of their passport readily available and be responsive to questions/requests for additional documentation in order to complete the clearance of their shipment. Shippers can help to facilitate this process by informing their consignees of these requirements.

Customs delays on non-document shipments intended for personal use are still expected as a result of the changed procedure and standards.

UPS continues to monitor the situation as additional changes are announced by the Russian Federal Customs Service. For the latest tracking information on all UPS shipments, please use our online tracking tool at

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