Make repairs easier Improve efficiencies
for centralised and
field service repairs

Minimise Downtime for Electronic Repairs

Raise the level of your customer service, without investing your own time and capital to build a repairs network from the ground up. Our full-service portfolio includes:

  • Next- and same-day transportation
  • Returns/RMA processing
  • Whole unit and component repair
  • Screening/return to vendor
  • Procurement
  • Planning and inventory funding
  • Call centre/tech support
  • Importer/Exporter of record

Reduce turnaround time for electronic repairs and returns to as little as 24 hours for contracted customers with our post sales solutions--that added speed can keep you competitive while you benefit from UPS' established global facilities network and operational efficiency.

Global Reverse Logistics Solutions from UPS and iQor Aftermarket Services

Our collaboration with iQor Aftermarket Services, a global provider of business process outsourcing and product support services, gives us added capabilities when it comes to repairing and refurbishing high-tech products.

iQor's Aftermarket Services team completes millions of electronic repairs each year:

  • 6 million mobile phones
  • 2 million storage devices
  • 1 million notebooks
  • 1 million network and telecom repairs
Multiple global service models--like access to the world's largest field stocking location network and the use of integrated UPS/iQor Aftermarket Services logistics and technical centres--mean more options, added accessibility and faster-moving parts for your company and your customers.

Expand Your Global Presence

iQor's Aftermarket Services global standing combined with our position as one of the world's largest customs broker can help increase your business' international presence.

Use UPS and iQor's worldwide capabilities to:

  • Affordably establish a global network using UPS' 15+ million square feet of high-tech distribution space and iQor's Aftermarket Services 3+ million square feet of repair space
  • Improve your global visibility and streamline operations with our integrated transport and warehousing network
  • Enhance your in-country expertise and keep in regulatory compliance

Coordinated Capabilities

Customers worldwide can take advantage of our Louisville Technology and Logistics Centre, located within minutes of the UPS Worldport® air hub. The space--which houses inventory for more than 70 UPS customers--features an ISO-certified repair facility on site.

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