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Logistics cuts through the red tape.

Getting through customs can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. We track customs-related regulations and tariffs, so that you can ship confidently. You'll know that you have up-to-date information, with broad real-time visibility into your shipments. You'll be able to anticipate and address problems, expediting shipments across borders. And you'll have a competitive advantage because logistics powers efficiency and productivity.

Limit risk with logistics.

UPS Import Control

Import Control

Take control of your inbound international shipments

UPS Paperless Invoice

UPS Paperless Invoice

Electronic commercial invoices speed data to customs

UPS TradeAbility

UPS TradeAbility®

A suite of Web-based tools to help companies manage and track their international trade



Standardised data formats for easy integration of billing and operational records

Flex Global View

Flex® Global View

Supply chain visibility for enterprises with global reach

International Trade Made Easy

International Trade Made Easy

Discover the benefits of pairing UPS TradeAbility® and UPS Paperless™ Invoice