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Print shipping labels, schedule a pickup, track shipment progress, and pay for shipping online. Not only can you ship individual packages, you can also create a bill of lading for freight shipments using saved addresses and commodity information.

UPS Internet Shipping offers shipping in one step and guides you through every stage of the shipping process--online.

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Quick Access to Frequent Shipping Tasks
Automate your shipping process and reduce paperwork. Information assets such as address books help ensure correct shipping information, while shipping histories and e-mail notifications give you better shipping insight. Your address book can hold up to 1,000 distribution lists containing up to 100 addresses each. With type-ahead filtering, your address book and distribution list search functionality just got faster and easier. Batch file shipping is another dynamic feature that enables you to create up to 250 shipments at one time by importing a .csv file.

Use the shipment time and cost feature to compare service options and estimate the time and cost of your shipment, so you can pay for exactly the kind of service you need.

No Need to Download Software
From any desktop with an Internet connection, you can schedule a collection, create a shipping or return label, or cancel your shipment. If you need to tailor UPS Internet Shipping capabilities to fit your business needs, you can set your personal preferences and customise your profile, saving you time.

Improve Your Shipping Capabilities
What was once true only for large enterprises is now available for your business. UPS Internet Shipping can expand your shipping capabilities and let you do what you do best.

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