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How do I import or export addresses for My UPS Address Book?
Exporting Addresses

Rather than manually modifying individual addresses in your My UPS Address book, you can export address information to a file and modify multiple records. The modified file can then be imported back into My UPS.

To export addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to My UPS
  2. Select Address Book from the toolbar
  3. Select Export Addresses. Selecting the link will create your export request.

After creating your export file request, a screen is displayed allowing you to check the status of your export request. Export File Request Status can include:

  • In Progress: This indicates that an export request is being processed and will complete momentarily, depending on size. To view the latest status, refresh the page.
  • Completed: Displays a link to View Data.
  • Completed with Errors: Displays links to View Data and View Errors.
  • Failed: Displays a link to View Errors.

Importing Addresses
Address book data can be imported into your My UPS Address Book using the following address book export .CSV file formats:

  • My UPS Address Book
  • UPS WorldShip Address Book
  • UPS WorldShip International Address Book
  • DHL.com Address Book
  • DHL EasyShip® Address Book
  • DHL CorporateShip Address Book
  • FedEx Ship Manager® Address Book
  • FedEx.com Address Book

To import addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to My UPS
  2. Select Address Book on the toolbar.
  3. Select Import Addresses
  4. Enter or Browse to the .csv (comma separated value) file you wish to import
  5. Choose the original file format for the file you want to import (i.e., how the addresses were originally created: in My UPS or in UPS WorldShip)
  6. Choose whether you want to add the addresses to your address book or overwrite your existing My UPS address book with the addresses you are importing
  7. Select Import

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