One click separates you from your competitors, so shopper satisfaction has never been more important. Properly managing your eBay® and Amazon® accounts takes time and attention to detail. Eliminate hassle and give your customers the reliable shipping experience they are looking for with UPS.

UPS simplifies your shipping process by integrating eBay and Amazon orders with our shipping technology.

What You Can Do with Marketplace Shipping at

  • Enrol up to 10 eBay and Amazon accounts each
  • View up to 250 orders at a time
  • Complete a shipment in as few as two steps
  • Edit order details
  • Combine multiple orders into one shipment
  • Ship with UPS Internet Shipping or WorldShipTM
  • Pay for shipments with a UPS account number, credit card, or PayPalTM (where applicable)

Enjoy the Benefits of Shipping with UPS

Consumers perceive their shopping experience to be one continuous process, meaning the delivery service you use becomes an extension of your business. Shipping with speed and ease are two of the greatest benefits of online shipping, and UPS can help your goods move even faster while saving you money.

Our shipping technology helps to avoid costly shipping errors by allowing you to personalise shipping preferences, quickly access frequent shipping tasks, and schedule convenient collection times all from At the same time, customers can easily track packages online and return packages with ease. All of these benefits add up, and your customers will notice.


Learn More About PayPal

Use your PayPal account to securely pay for your personal or business shipments at