Reach New Markets Without Sacrificing Quality
or Efficiency

The last thing you want is a supply shortage that forces your customers to find an alternative to your product. Shipping delays or interruptions can impact patient well-being and your bottom line. You need a reliable, uninterrupted supply chain that can get your products where they need to be, when they need to be there, safely and compliantly.

UPS Shipping Services

With UPS, you can rely on our vast global network and flexible transportation options to tackle new markets and continuously supply existing ones. Whether package or freight, ground, ocean, or air, UPS can meet your needs.

Avoid Temperature Excursions

And when you are shipping sensitive or perishable pharmaceuticals or biologics, count on UPS's full range of options designed specifically to protect temperature-sensitive products. Special packaging coupled with refrigerated trucks, air cargo containers and constant monitoring help ensure that shipments stay within specified temperatures throughout their journeys. In the event of a problem, we can carry out contingency plans to protect from temperature excursions.

Maintain Compliance

UPS has teams of people dedicated to compliance around the world. We not only help you maintain compliance, but can help you turn compliance into a competitive advantage by keeping you ahead of global regulatory issues. You can plan ahead and avoid surprises in the supply chain, while taking days out of the distribution process to get to market faster.

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